Founded in 2015 by Joseph W. Slezak, the team of professionals at 3L manage all facets of acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, repurposing, and the day-to-day operations of multifamily and mixed-use properties primarily in the greater Midwest region.

3L is founded on the first three rules of real estate: “Location, Location, Location.”

Location drives successful development. With this in mind, 3L pursues dynamic landscapes that allow for the adaptive reuse of historic and underutilized structures that possess untapped potential. 3L uses this non-disruptive and creative reuse model to strategically meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market that readily passes on size and ownership for centrally located and high quality rental spaces.

City-centers attract a rapidly growing workforce of young adults who seek the employment and cultural opportunities urban life has to offer. These individuals are attracted to lively, amenity filled neighborhoods, and they demand high quality, affordably priced, transit-oriented living. 3L uses strategic adaptive reuse projects to not only meet the needs of this growing market, but to transform vintage and idle structures into desirable revenue generating community assets.

Specifically, Chicago, Milwaukee, and other evolving development landscapes possess the ideal opportunities for 3L’s adaptive reuse strategy, particularly in the current period when governments, universities, and corporations are off-loading properties – many of them underutilized – that they have accumulated over time. These properties present unprecedented opportunities for investment and transformation into residential or residential/commercial assets.