The Fundamentals

Transforming well-located properties into attractive living spaces for a growing urban market.

Meeting the needs of the urban market, 3L Real Estate  acquires legacy properties located in dense, amenity-rich, urban neighborhoods and adding the talent of our team of architects, designers, developers and managers,  transforms them into the well-outfitted  residential units.

Over the past three years, this formula has earned 3L many awards, but most important, has earned the company the respect and confidence of residents and investors alike.

The Market

While past generations may have fled cities, today’s generations – from millennials to Generation X-ers (and at times their parents and grandparents) — have reversed the trend.

Amenity-rich cities like Chicago have become magnets – attracting all ages, but particularly those seeking the qualities that only cities can provide. Attracted by the job market and the plethora of universities, museums, restaurants, parks, and cultural venues, they seek well-located, reasonably-priced dwellings near the public transportation that links them to all together.


The Buildings

Every city has them – well-crafted buildings that have endured and outlasted their original purpose. Some are in city centers, some in university neighborhoods, and some in core city peripheries on the verge of redevelopment.  These are the buildings that 3L seeks to acquire – Legacy buildings with a strong potential for a new life – ones that have good bones, and lend themselves to cost-effective transformation into great apartments.


The Transformations

Transformation – Our formula is simple. We choose great buildings and leverage the vision of our in-house staff combined with the skilled craftsmen of our construction partners to create memorable living spaces.