Joseph SlezakFounder, Chief Executive Officer

    Joseph W. Slezak, formerly of BJB Partners, has 17 years of experience, during which he has been involved in virtually every aspect of real estate investment and development. Mr. Slezak has orchestrated and overseen all or part of the acquisition, financing, sale, construction management, and property management for nearly 100 properties across Chicago. Most recently in the past five years under the BJB umbrella, Mr. Slezak has used his uniquely developed acquisition strategy to personally procure eight new buildings that have resulted in nearly 800 apartments and roughly $100 million in profits. While BJB will continue to own these assets long-term, Mr. Slezak spearheaded each redevelopment effort. Through his prudent refinancing efforts, Mr. Slezak successfully secured the return of all the original capital invested, plus over $20 million in cash-out proceeds.

    Over the past several years, Mr. Slezak has identified, set-up, and lead on all local, national, and international financial analysis and negotiations with lenders. Throughout his career, he has notably obtained a total of $2 billion in financing from lenders, with the largest single loan reaching $208 million with a $60 million cash-out. Further, he has expertly freed $30 million in trapped equity through proprietary credit lines structured with investment banks. He has also created millions of dollars in cash reserves and alternative liquid assets, and he has unlocked millions of dollars from dormant escrow accounts.

    As Mr. Slezak continues to skillfully navigate a variety of ambitious redevelopment endeavors, BJB Partners has invested in 3L because of a firm belief in Mr. Slezakís strategy and ability to execute his long-term vision. An additional investment and executive team committed to 3Lís success comes from CA Ventures adding a second billion-dollar company to 3Lís pool of resources. Ultimately, Mr. Slezak’s extensive and comprehensive management experience at every level of business – financial creativity, operational optimization, market analysis, and on-the-ground experience – has allowed him to identify and unlock real value in untapped, promising, and growing markets.